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Relationship-oriented Leadership In the 1940s, research in leadership began straying away from identifying individual leadership traits, to analyzing the effects of certain leadership behaviors – predominantly task-oriented and relationship-oriented leadership. Definition of relational. 1 : of or relating to kinship. 2 : characterized or constituted by relations. 3 : having the function chiefly of indicating a relation of syntax has is notional in he has luck, relational in he has gone.

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2015-07-19 2014-12-19 re·la·tion·al. (rĭ-lā′shə-nəl) adj. 1. Of or arising from kinship.

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3 : having the function chiefly of indicating a relation of syntax has is notional in he has luck, relational in he has gone. I have always been very relationally oriented but when I read “The Relationally Driven Approach”, my entire mindset toward interacting with people shifted. If, as a culture, we could wrap our minds around and take action on what Relationally Driven is teaching, this world would be a better place.

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4 : relating to, using, or being a method of organizing data in a database so that it is perceived by the user as a set of tables. re·la·tion·al. (rĭ-lā′shə-nəl) adj. 1. Of or arising from kinship. 2.

2020-06-03 In response to these issues, we developed an approach to teaching reading called Relationally Oriented Reading Instruction (RORI) which attempts to build relational capacities through a systematic approach to reading picture books.
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82,870 views82K views. • Apr 3 Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python. Traversy Media.

2016-11-29 · Prior to reading Lysaker and Tonge’s (2013) article on Relationally Oriented Reading, I hadn’t considered the thorough analysis in which we often neglect to give to characters. Students are frequently taught to recall questions and facts from literature and more recently have been asked to make inferences, draw conclusions, and make predications based upon events and details that occur in 2016-11-05 · Relationally Oriented Reading Instruction November 5, 2016 November 5, 2016 sharayahwebb According to Lysaker and Tonge (2013), Relationally Oriented Reading Instruction (RORI) is an approach to interactive reading that teaches students how to pay close attention to the relationships between readers and book characters. Relationally Oriented and Jesuit-Inspired Teaching and Research Agenda Fernando Estrada Loyola Marymount University While the interpersonal relationship between the student and teacher is important for learning, the specific quality of the student-teacher relationship in higher edu-cation and its effects on learning remains understudied. Mindfulness- and Compassion-Oriented Integrative Psychotherapy (MCIP) is a new approach to psychotherapy that integrates relationally-oriented integrative psychotherapy with practice and research of mindfulness and compassion.
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2. Indicating or constituting relation. 3. Grammar Of, relating to, or being a word or particle, such as a conjunction or preposition, that expresses a syntactic relation between elements in a phrase or sentence.